Helix Fuel Dispenser

April 28, 2015 | Author: admin

Meet the family.

One global dispenser platform. Five models to address your needs. The Wayne Helix dispenser family is highly configurable, addressing the specific needs of users no matter their fueling demands.

Redesigned and Reconceived

Distributor. Retailer. Technician. Motorist. No matter who you are, the new Wayne Helix™ line of fuel dispensers was designed for you. With features that motorists asked for, benefits that distributors, fleet owners and retailers profit from, and service technician–friendly design that make this smart line of dispensers at home anywhere in the world. After all, these dispensers were designed based on extensive user feedback from across the globe. So from the construction and installation of the dispensers to servicing and maintaining them, this line of dispensers was truly designed for you.

The Wayne Helix series fuel dispenser is a global family of products with all models sharing the same design language—a “Wayne DNA”. Wayne designed and engineered the entire Helix dispenser family on a single global platform which emphasizes intelligent design, transaction security and advanced technology.

Intelligent Design

Wayne and IDEO, a renowned design and innovation consultancy, worked together to conduct global market research and created the Helix dispenser based on user feedback from around the world. Distributors, retailers, technicians and motorists helped to influence the function, ownership and serviceability of this intelligently designed dispenser.

Iconic Style — The new dispenser’s universal architecture allows for global recognition and a consistent fueling experience.

Clean Look — In order to help protect the equipment and maintain its appearance, the design features “clean” and “dirty” divisions.

Expanded Branding — More real estate on the hydraulic cabinet doors, valances and additional signage areas enhances brand visibility to fueling customers.

Enhanced Displays — High-contrast, ergonomically designed displays—including angled price displays above push-to-start buttons—provide better visibility day and night.

Safety & Security

Helix dispensers are designed and built not only to meet the safety standards of both IEC and UL, but also to address a wide variety of security concerns. From payment transactions to internal security dispenser components, the Wayne Helix line of dispensers encompasses careful consideration in design security to help deter and detect product tampering and fuel theft.

Secure Dispenser Components — The dispenser features modular compartments that lock independently, and its robust U-frame inhibits unauthorized access to the electronic head.

Industry-Leading Payment Security — The dispenser incorporates Wayne’s proven and upgradable iX Pay™ secure payment technology platform, which provides payment security compliance with the latest PCI PTS and EMV® global standards.

Personal Safety — The dispenser promotes user confidence regarding personal safety with its slim dispenser profile, its multiple viewpoints and high-visibility pass-through area.

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First impressions matter. Say hello to the Wayne Ovation²™ fuel dispenser. Loyal customers start at the pump.

April 25, 2015 | Author: admin

When a customer has a great fueling experience — one that is clean, fast, secure, and friendly — they’re not only more likely to return, they step inside for a soda, magazine, lottery ticket, or candy bar. The Ovation2 fuel dispenser is easy to use and just as easy to own … it’s durable and easy to maintain while integrating flawlessly into your IT and payment systems. The Ovation2 fuel dispenser just might be Perfection2.

Put North America’s most attractive, technologically advanced fuel dispenser to work on your forecourt, and show your customers the value of a “perfect” fueling experience.

Ready to withstand anything the world throws at it.

Your fuel dispensers have to stand out in the elements day after day, for years at a time — in the heat of an Arizona summer, the humidity of a Seattle spring, or the brutality of a Minnesota winter. They have to be ready to operate perfectly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Ovation2 fuel dispenser is up to the challenge. The dispenser features a more streamlined bezel design introducing tempered glass and metal on high-touch areas. Additionally, all-metal columns protect against careless customers, swinging car doors, or whatever else the world may throw at it.

High brandability. High styling. High engagement.

A customer has to notice your store before they are comfortable visiting it. Your fuel dispensers are the first line of service and engagement for nearly every customer that visits you. And because of that, they should carry your brand loud and strong. And they should do so in a way that is modern and pleasing to the eye. The entire package — shape, style, branding, and design working together — tells the world that you’re friendly, clean, up-to-date, and ready to do business with them.

Ovation2 fuel dispensers are designed to do exactly that. Each unit features 25% more brandable space than previous Wayne dispensers — including two-tone bezel and side-column branding options — helping to engage your customers right from the road. And the sleeker, slimmer styling helps to show your customers that your store is clean, modern, and friendly.

Accessible, updatable, and easy to own

Keeping your fuel dispensers up and running at peak efficiency is important to both you and your customers. And Ovation2 fuel dispensers have been engineered to help make routine maintenance and technology updates as easy as possible.

And as payment and media technology evolve, your Ovation2 dispensers are engineered to evolve right along with them. Updating your dispenser is simple with easily configurable and interchangeable parts. Calibration is a one-step process that can be done quickly, and changing the paper is easy for any attendant to do — Ovation2 features the most accessible printer roll on the market. And of course, each unit is compliant with the latest payment technology standards.

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April 23, 2015 | Author: admin

Encore 700 S Fuel Dispenser: Build your business on a future-ready foundation

Secure your competitive advantage and increase profits with Gilbarco syour best  fuel dispenser investment for today and tomorrow.

Highly secure, these Gilbarco gas pumps with powerful CRIND® electronics build a flexible and innovative platform for your changing forecourt marketing and payment needs.

Enjoy peace of mind with a leading foundation that is highly secure today and upgradeable to meet the payment and technology needs of tomorrow.

Encore 700 S Benefits

Proven Applause™ forecourt merchandising to drive in store traffic. Enhanced security. And a global electronics platform that supports emerging technologies. It’s a smart investment that gives you a competitive advantage.

Superior merchandising improves profits.

Encore® 700 S gas dispenser gives you field-proven tools to inform, persuade and motivate your fuel customers to come inside your store and buy higher-margin goods, through:

Flexible content management options, with the industry leading Applause™ merchandising system

Superior image clarity, resolution and video performance

”color screen as standard for clear, effective communication

”color upgrade option for maximum impact

Enhanced, upgradeable security protects your investment.

ll benefit from s global EMV leadership and experience, including the largest installed base of EMV fueling pay points in North America. The Payment Card Industry Unattended Payment Terminal (PCI-UPT) and EMV certified platform in Encore 700 S includes sophisticated electronics and physical security technologies as standard features, including:

FlexPay™ Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) to protect PIN data

FlexPay Secure Card Reader (SCR) to encrypt card data

EMV certification (requires software and EMV Chip & PIN reader upgrade for EMV transactions*)

PCI-UPT certification

Secure Controller to protect the entire electronics platform

Door switches to notify the c-store POS system to limit access and prevent tampering

Key components that self-disable in the event of tampering

New Encrypted Pulser prevents fuel theft from pulser tampering

*Based on known EMV specifications today. The US EMV specifications have not yet been announced.

Platform for growth delights consumers.

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81 filling stations to be closed in Ondo State, Nigeria

November 08, 2013 | Author: admin

A panel of enquiry into matters relating to the development of petrol retail outlets in Ondo State has recommended that 81 filling stations be sealed off, even as it recorded that 311 others were established illegally. The panel of inquiry was inaugurated in April by the state governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko, with the mandate to determine the appropriateness of location of filling stations(fuel-dispenser), interface with owners on approval and make recommendations to the government
Delivering its report to the governor, the panel chairman, Mr Dare Aragbaye, permanent secretary in the state transport ministry, said that the panel discovered a total of 311 filling stations illegally established, out of which 81 are to be sealed off.While the report identified 68 stations as appropriately located, it said, “136 are to receive minor adjustments while 34 others will be converted for other uses.”Mr Aragbaye stressed the need for political will to be able to carry out the recommendations.Speaking while receiving the report, Governor Mimiko frowned at indiscriminate citing of filling stations(fuel dispensers) in every nook and cranny of major cities across the state. The governor, who noted that it is the responsibility of any responsible government to guarantee safety of lives and property of its citizenry, vowed to bring to book any officer found culpable in the illegal approval of petrol outlets. Governor Mimiko promised to do justice to the report.

China fuel dispenser chain in developed countries

October 31, 2013 | Author: admin

From going to be the China fuel dispenser resource chain in your not only that but ethnicities going to be the successful experience in the field are generally doing an all in one in line with the if you love everywhere in the going to be the basis relating to chain Direct going to be the development having to do with franchising business. The up to the minute fuel dispenser China fuel station satellite service company has rarely ever nevertheless formed (more...)

China fuel dispenser supplier improved service efficiency and quality.

October 28, 2013 | Author: admin

China fuel dispenser branding has to be that essentially the same as so that you have ordinary gas station,may be the an all in one with safety in mind having to do with sales-based sell and buy essential oil services or products companies. Only emphasizes going to be the classic highway fuel dispenser features an all in one single petrol allows,despite the fact that helping to stop the product or service In cutting edge years the rapid computers relating to highways, (more...)

Aligning the gasket and fuel Measuring tank

October 23, 2013 | Author: admin
Place the many of the new gasket all over the going to be the new UMP and as such that each of them is going to be the interruptions align.Gaskets from fair UMPS not only can they rarely ever seal correctly and performance could be limited.

Visually inspect going to be the pigtail connector as part of your discharge head. Replace about whether or not damaged. Be certain going to be the indexing tab to do with going to be the pigtail is always seated as part of your notch having to do with going to be the discharge head.Lubricate o-ring and pigtail to have oil based jelly. (more...)


October 22, 2013 | Author: admin

Installation Safety Notices

ATTENTION INSTALLER: Read this important safety a lot of information before beginning do just as well.

This product operates as part of your highly flammable atmosphere to do with a gasoline storage tank. To help safeguard your quality of life and others back and forth from serious injury, death,or otherwise substantial home damage,carefully read and pursue all warnings and instructions in the manual. (more...)

Attaching the UMP

October 21, 2013 | Author: admin

Place the new gasket on going to be the new UMP and therefore that most of them are going to be the interruptions align.Gaskets from cheap prices UMPS will never seal correctly and performance are sometimes limited.

Visually research going to be the pigtail connector with your discharge head. Replace about whether or not damaged. Be certain going to be the indexing tab concerning going to be the pigtail will be the seated as part of your notch concerning going to be the discharge head.Lubricate o-ring and pigtail leaving oil based jelly. (more...)

CPT PUMP TYPES – fuel dispenser blog

October 16, 2013 | Author: admin

CPT completely submersible penis pumps are not only found UL listed (Class 1, Group D appearance not only that but came up with to receive well suited allowing you to have 100% gasoline,or at least diesel engine developed 80% gasoline so that you have 20% methanol, ethanol, TAME, ETBE or at least MTBE. All UMPs getting the name brand numbers as an example the AG procedure are not only seen came up with to get compatible providing some one 100% gasoline, (more...)

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