Pingyuan county ensures that the tanker test pass rate of 100%

March 30, 2013 | Author: admin |

Recently Pingyuan County Bureau of Quality Supervision fuel dispenser metering special inspection is carried out within the county. Were deployed in the vehicle 13 times, detection staff of 42 people, the test being used fuel dispenser75, more than 99% coverage. Test results showed that most of the fuel dispenser spot checks to meet the inspection requirements and seals intact inaccurate measurement units fuel dispenser debugging test personnel at the scene to ensure that fuel dispenser measurement test pass rate of 100%.

Alter fuel dispenser

March 29, 2013 | Author: admin |

This the fuel dispenser large flow transformation, takes less than one day, the transformation of the cost is less than 20% of the replacement tanker, effectively alleviate the pressure on the refueling of diesel vehicles queuing, as well as the daily sales of the petrol station to upgrade more than three tons. Expansion increments, which saves funding has made a breakthrough in sales of marketing outlets for refined oil today is not easy background bother to work hard in the existing refueling point."Jiaxing branch Xu Feng said happily:" this golden ideas, good ideas will be more than one gas station in the city to promote

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