Dezhou City

April 24, 2013 | Author: admin |
Metrological verification of Dezhou City Bureau of Quality Supervision Organization (point) of the city's gas stations in tanker the year 2013, the first periodic verification, test a total of 78 stations (points) by the test with 430 Fuel dispenser accuracy are in line with national standards, to ensure the normal use and value of the tanker accurate and reliable

The car pulled down the refueling gun

April 19, 2013 | Author: admin |

Oil gun is inserted in the car, the driver was started the car to leave. Yesterday morning, refueling in Nanjing station of Jiangning staged a thrilling scene. Fortunately, the car started just tore my gun, and did not cause the more serious accidents. And the accident cause, was caused by a gas station attendant's gesture.

Building a gas station nearby home

April 18, 2013 | Author: admin |

Open an illegal gas stations in our yard, and the tank abnormally dangerous items on the densely populated village which is too dangerous. "Involved in the inspection of the police station, told reporters, Shouguang City Public Security Bureau Long police station joint town party committee for Comprehensive Management Office of Industry and Commerce in accordance with the law banning unlicensed units, the joint fire brigade to combat the illegal business in accordance with the law. 7 days , the police found in Hualong Town, a village in an underground refueling point immediately banned and illegal business suspects Pei administrative detention in accordance with the law.

The sampling tanker measurement accuracy

April 17, 2013 | Author: admin |

To ensure the accurate measurement of the tax control fuel tanker, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, from 7 to 8 days, Shannan Prefecture Bureau of Quality Supervision region gas station Fiscal fuel Petrol dispenser surprise checks.

It is understood that the accuracy of the sampling focus on the area of the gas station Petrol dispenser measured anti-cheating device and seal integrity to conduct random checks, severely crack down on remote control device installed to measure cheating. The sampling a total of six gas stations 20 Petrol dispenser yet found refit the tax control fuel Petrol dispenser in and the phenomenon of cheating, each gas station tax control fuel Petrol dispenser in value is accurate, error control within the specified range. According to the person in charge of the Shannan Prefecture Bureau of Quality Supervision, the next step, Shannan Prefecture Bureau of Quality Supervision continue to intensify supervision on the tax control fuel Petrol dispenser in measurement, ensure the accurate value of the tax control fuel Petrol dispenser

Argentina announced fuel price freeze for six months

April 11, 2013 | Author: admin |

The Argentina Government on the 10th issued in the Official Gazette No. 35/2013 resolution, ordered nationwide gasoline and diesel prices frozen for 6 months starting from the 11th, and shall not exceed 9, 2009 Price, violators will be punished in accordance with the Supply Act and the sanctions. This resolution issued by A Business State Secretariat Moreno, and responsible for the implementation by the Ministry of Economic Affairs under the National Petroleum Investment Planning and Coordinating Committee.

The resolution stipulates that Argentina the country is divided into six districts, each district qualified highest price, highest price standard must notify the customer in various districts all petroleum and by-products and fuel sales enterprise. A over the fuel price difference is large, only in Buenos Aires province, 1 liter of premium gasoline spreads up to 26%, the highest price of 7.99 pesos, the lowest of 6.30 pesos.

On the same day, A Federal Public Revenue Administration regulations, the highest price of natural gas exports shall not exceed U.S. $ per million British thermal units (MMBTU) 16.616.

Resolution introduced to the day, A state-owned YPF oil company stock prices on Wall Street fell 3.6 percent, to close at $ 13.76, in the Buenos Aires stock market fell 3.50% to close at 117.40 pesos, and other oil company stock prices also varying degrees of decline and dragged Argentina Melba stock index fell 0.59%.

A fuel enterprises, chairman of the Federation of Rosario - Sika said the move will make the oil industry in trouble, this year, the union demands salary increases between 30-40%, while salaries accounted for 60% of the cost of gas station Government this decision will allow the closure of a large number of gas stations. A per month last year, two gas stations closed down, freeze the price of oil, every day there will be 2-5 gas stations closed down. He believes that this measure can not be implemented.

A Federation of oil producers said that this decision is contrary to their expectations. A day earlier, YPF announced that, due to its oil refinery in La Plata on the 2nd rainstorm occurred during the fire, the company had to increase fuel imports, to this end, the industry had predicted that fuel prices will rise.

Some experts believe that YPF fuel prices, because the market is much lower than other oil companies to freeze oil prices, the highest price standard YPF fuel retail price is still room for upward adjustment will be affected by the income of oil companies such as Shell and Esso loss. Some experts believe that YPF fuel imports increase, freeze the oil damage first YPF. In this regard, YPF said on that day, the competitiveness of its fuel retail price will not change the established pricing strategy.

Some experts surprised by this decision of the government, usually because of the freeze price for the oil-exporting countries, and the Arab-Israeli fuel market still need to rely on imports, freeze the price of oil is not conducive to allocate the cost of imports and fuel prices remain unchanged, neighboring countries of vehicles will be large-scale immigration to Argentina refueling.

The oil freeze measures until the end of October 11, than the parliamentary elections two weeks in advance. Opinion that the government freeze on oil prices and the freezing supermarket prices the same strain, its purpose is to maintain social stability before the election

What happend to oil tank

April 10, 2013 | Author: admin |

Friend driving rated fuel tank capacity of 35 liters car to a gas station to refuel. Fill up, display the amount of fuel to 37 liters, when a friend asked station staff reason, the staff vague said cars are likely to go through the long-term wear and tear or some other causes, oiler certainly no problem. Friends puzzled: my full tank of fuel to 35 liters Moreover, the oil tank is impossible that none left, there must have been part of the remaining oil, how will add 37 liters?

Friends call to complain to the relevant functional departments hope the relevant departments to go to a gas station to detect, the department concerned has not responded yet。

The successful test of petrol filling stations in the simulated space robot

April 09, 2013 | Author: admin |

Even the nearest gas station from the satellite has 22,000 miles, and therefore, once the fuel is exhausted, the satellite will undoubtedly become space junk, to threaten the safety of other satellites and spacecraft.

But the international space station to begin the test space robot gas station this week has made a great leap forward progress, successful robotic manipulator as an analog satellite refueling.

According to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), said, "Dexter" arm robot built by the Canadian Space Agency, and is currently parked in the the international country between station to complete the the satellite model tank fuel supplement that the satellite life can continue.

Cabin operation of robotic refueling mission "(RRM)," Dexter "First, the fixed wire safety cover is removed again transporting liquid ethanol satellite model, similar to the physical model of the fuel tank the size of a washing machine.

CSA-NASA success in the field for the first time, this progress is likely to help reduce dead satellites is increasing and the number of orbiting space junk.

CSA said in a press release: "The ability to successfully refuel satellites in space, which means maybe someday satellite operator will save to build and launch a new alternative to satellite and need to spend huge expenditure."

"There are more than 1100 pieces of active satellites are in the near-Earth environment running many of satellites worth hundreds of millions of dollars, in addition to the 2500 failure of the satellite is still in operation around the earth if you can re-use of these failure satellites, it will save huge amounts of cost. "

Talking about space junk, the U.S. Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) also released a new video, tells a different way to solve this problem.

"Phoenix Project" U.S. Department of Defense began in July last year, proposed to manufacture small robot recycling dead satellites, to dismantling its available parts. Recycling dead satellites may be bundled with commercial satellite launch.

We will look forward to DARPA's first satellite recovery test, expected in 2015

Gas station stealling the petrol

April 08, 2013 | Author: admin |

Input tanker on the amount of 200 yuan, 180 yuan added he was refueling member termination, and quickly bring up the "200" refueling records manually on the dispenser to be found after the fill on the balance.
Some long-term and petrol stations dealing with old driver this view, the consumers trust for the gas station, not each refueling tanker screen are staring at, or in the car refueling member full responsibility

Phone calling is prohibited

April 07, 2013 | Author: admin |

Phone calling is prohibited, answer or make a call, the phone is easy to produce static electricity, oil and gas in the gas station will be more concentrated, where they meet an explosion may occur. But now Hangzhou, gas stations, oil and gas concentration in normal circumstances is very low, because each refueling gun installed vapor recovery equipment when the vehicle refueling oil and gas will be pumped through a pipeline. Gas station or prohibited to make or receive phone, afraid of the event of equipment failure, etc., may explode.

If they do not accidentally pick up the phone, the gas station where the staff will immediately discourage them to keep away the gas station using a mobile phone. Still suggest that you do not answer or make a phone call at the gas station.

Car ignition caused the explosion of the oil loading

April 02, 2013 | Author: admin |

More than 4:00, after a sudden the outside 'bang' bang all around in shock trembling, the duty officer of the gas station and quickly ran out, and so ran out and saw a car burning oil storage warehouse outside the venueforward

Three officers on duty that night and ran out of the room after the discovery of the original explosion is a sport utility vehicle parked in front of the oil storage warehouse, only 30 meters away from the gas station, however, the situation is very critical.3 people quickly call the fire call, more than 10 minutes after the fire engines rushed to the scene, and efforts to fight the blaze, but the fire was very violent, burning cars and fires burning nearly half an hour was not completely extinguished

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