Fuel dispenser designand technology innovation

June 29, 2013 | Author: admin |

Sanki fuel dispenser  offers robust and easy feeding in a compact design. This is a great economical choice for sites selling classic and places large volume such as airports, ports and truck stops. And its newly enhanced, attractive bezel and clean, modern lines make the World century an attractive addition to any court.

Friendly design The fuel distributor Vista available in China is designed and built to the same standards as other Vista Sanki dispensers.Manufactured in the center of Shanghai Sanki, the fuel dispenser Vista offers a smart and aesthetic simplified help attract retail customers to your site.

marketing capabilities Withsophisticated friendly and customer-driven design, lovation Fuel dispenser introduced a new retail paradigmto supplies. Featuring a graphic display media, it allows datteindre retail customers through a compelling format. Imagine the promotion of coffee in the morning and articles of food in the afternoon to help encourage consumers from the esplanade in the store. The Global Ovation iX dispenser also offers innovative technology for exceptional maneuverability. In addition, compatibility with European standards for safety of payment is the world Ovation iX dispenser over new generation of the European market to the court.

The fuel dispenser is designed for flexible configurability

June 26, 2013 | Author: admin |

Sanki sets the standard for easy feeding. With improvement, industry first payment and characteristics of alternative supplies, the fuel dispenser is designed for flexible configurability. It allows retailers dcoûtent effectively meet the evolution of regulations on payment security and adapt to fluctuating fuel quality and new applications of alternative fuels.

Based on extensive research and practical testing, the customer-inspired design provides a seamless payment experience to feed. It includes only PCI PTS 3.0 certified industry keyboard and card reader to secure the highest level of data security available on the market. In addition, it is the only distributor with capacity double mixing tube and an optional integrated distribution dadditif.

The distributor also has the  iX Technology Platform ™ for winning the last management functionality scalable marketing, and maintenance, and the Eco-Fuel model is available with UL capacity E85 distribution.

Since its modern look and durable materials resistant to stains its screens backlight LED POWER SAVE, the fuel dispenser helps retailers build customer loyalty and stay ahead of the industry trends.

Learn about the latest improvements in production of Fuel Dispenser.

Century Fuel Dispenser

June 25, 2013 | Author: admin |

Compact Performance and Sustainability

fuel dispenser available in China Century is designed and built to the same exacting standards as the Global Century Sanki dispenser.Manufactured in the center of Shanghai Sanki, the fuel dispenser century offers a robust and user-friendly sustainability feeding in a compact design.

Customer loyalty by keeping customers on the thumb moving

allow customers to quickly and easily pay for fuel with Frequency ID innovative radio technology contactless (RFID) payment in your yard. It delivers faster, more convenient and secure transaction than other payment methods. Our RFID solutions include smartcard pay to the pump methods and payment system transponder bunch asourSankiTRAC the only specially designed for use in oil industry retail IDENTIFICATION radio frequency (RFID) system. RFID contactless equipmentoffers efficiency, simple installation, easy maintenance, high security andthe ultimate consumer convenience.

Sinopec completed ahead of the III diesel upgrade

June 18, 2013 | Author: admin |

China Securities News reporter learned from Sinopec, Sinopec, one month in advance to complete the upgrade of III diesel. The new standard diesel oil can make the machine tail gas in the annual reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions by 60000 tons. According to another report, from 2014 onwards, Sinopec will fully supply of IV gasoline.

In July 1, 2013, according to the requirement, new national standards, ordinary diesel

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Sinopec 6.35+0.000.00% will perform the sulfur content of no more than 0.035% of the index. According to the relevant person in charge of Sinopec, Sinopec since 2013 3 at the end of the month, and gradually the factory diesel products can meet the requirements of the new standard, since May 30th began full production of China III standard diesel.

In addition, Sinopec next year will total supply of IV gasoline. According to Sinopec relevant personage introduces, at present, Sinopec, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other more than 10 city gasoline quality has reached national IV standard, and the United States gasoline quality standard, Jinling Petrochemical has become the largest domestic production base of IV gasoline. Beijing Beijing mark five oil quality standards equivalent to euro V, is the world's highest quality category.

The rise in the cost of oil refining enterprises worry

June 17, 2013 | Author: admin |

"Since the implementation of a car in 2000, oil supply of petrochemical enterprises has not synchronized, the car had no oil has not once two times." An expert of the Ministry of environmental protection said.

In the formulation of the gasoline in five of the standard, all parties including the petrochemical industry will want to avoid "car oil is not synchronous", but so far the effect is not ideal.

Oil refining enterprise expression of their difficulties. One of the petrochemical industry, refinery processing of crude oil in China is increasingly dependent on imports of crude oil, raw materials more and more poor, densification. And because of China's oil refining enterprises should not only provide the fuel dispenser  for cars, must also provide civil liquefied gas for the majority of families, the production of high octane blending component of naphtha and liquefied gas resources are obviously insufficient. Plus our country still has 15% gasoline by private label production, more irregular "if still adhere to in accordance with the country four gasoline label production country five gasoline, it is prone to qualified oil market supply, market order confusion."

Study released recently Sinopec Research Institute of economics and technology shows, if not add manganese catalyst, to estimate the ability of Sinopec, CNOOC, China Petroleum, China group to extend the four major oil companies by the end of 2017 the implementation of five gasoline standard, if the label invariant, No. 97 gasoline supply ratio of only 15.7%, Sinopec will there are about 8 enterprises producing no 97 gasoline.

The ability of supply shortage is only one aspect, there is the conflict of interest. The expert quoted the analysis conclusion of the shell company, if the gasoline label from No. 92 to No. 96 bus, then each consumed 100 tons of gasoline can save about 2 tons of oil, but each save 1 tons of crude oil, oil refining industry needs about $375.

One of the petrochemical industry representatives disclosed for the first time the cost data: if the adjustment of the production process, according to the national 1 tons of catalytic refining capacity, will be less output 5000000 to 6000000 tons of oil. To back up the oil, to the construction of a 8000000 to 10000000 tons of oil refineries, equivalent to the national oil refining capacity of 2%, also is the increase of the energy demand of 2%.

Xi’an 595 gas station will oil vapor recovery more than 9 oil and gas can be recycled

June 13, 2013 | Author: admin |

Oil and gas recovery project is a gas station in gas and oil tank car unloading process, directly discharged to the environment of the oil and gas (gasoline), sent to recycling depot condensation or become an engineering liquid gasoline. Mainly for the reconstruction of the gas gun and filling machine, including new gas recovery of oil and gas pipeline, oil unloading oil and gas recovery pipeline and the auxiliary engineering related. After the transformation, gas station oil will add recovery device, more than 90% of volatile oil and gas can be recycled. The management of work preparation, control, inspection and acceptance of three stages, it does not affect the supply of oil products, planned, step by step through qualified oil gas reclaims management company for oil and gas recovery reconstruction project. Complete the Xi'an 595 gas station, 9 storage tanks and tanker management and acceptance of all the work before the end of the year

Fuel dispenser staff spray

June 09, 2013 | Author: admin |
Monitor Display: April 30 evening 10:52 or so, a black TOYOTA SUV stopped at gas station, a middle-aged man in black flat head waiting to refuel. After 2 minutes, a woman dressed in blue overalls over staff in their help, flat head men open their own tank holding Fuel dispenser refueling. 55 minutes and 36 seconds, flat head man to leave the scope of monitoring. 56 minutes and 13 seconds, with female staff flat head man returned tanker next. After 5 seconds, flat head man suddenly brought placed in the tank on the spray went to her Fuel dispenser The staff quickly to escape, but was sprayed with a petrol.

After the incident, media reports said, flat head man was driving the vehicle at a construction company Zhuzhou vehicles, the use of Zhuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau is the official fuel cards, petrol station staff that the oil card does not match with the car, and thus "temporarily unable to come on, put the card out of here, "flat head man thus injection vent their anger.

Reporters survey that flat head man held as a secondary card fuel card, master card name Zhuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, surnamed Yu, vice cardholders.

A person familiar with the situation said that similar situations are not uncommon. "It is likely that by the fuel card."

Come inertia

June 07, 2013 | Author: admin |
Carrying amount of fuel to the fuel trucks reminding device is being implemented for the exact aircraft refueling. Pudong Airport for map

Pudong Airport fuel company recently opened "mysterious" door to invite Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, China Southern Airlines and other airlines representatives to investigate "precision refueling" devices. The Pudong airport by the characteristics of fuel company developed device that can put an end "Come inertia", last year alone the airlines save 17 million liters of aviation kerosene, equivalent to 7.5 Olympic-size swimming pools so big, you can Come to an A380 520 times 780 times 747 refueling for the Boeing 737 refueling 7080 times.

Currently, the domestic airline fuel costs high, fuel accounts for about 40% of the total cost. So, a civil aircraft once to add much oil? According to the Pudong Airport fuel company, these behemoths "eat amazing": the world's largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380 once filled needs 240 tons of aviation kerosene, which is equivalent to fill 4800 fuel cars, even 737 such " little man "aircraft, one must add 20 tons oil equivalent of 400 cars refueling.

Because the "big appetite" for aircraft refueling refueling pipe is specially designed. Aircraft refueling tubes per minute flow rate up to 3000 liters, 50 liters per second, which is almost a second car for a fill up it. Fill up the plane shouting "stop" is from the "fill tube" out of fuel poured out of the inertia can reach more than 100 liters. If every time more hundred liters of oil, more than a year down the cost of expenditure is also very alarming.

After painstaking research, in 2011, Pudong Airport CAO Zhu Jianming company engineer and his team developed and launched a "Come to the amount reminder", you can reach the target amount of fuel filler pipe before the form can be light to remind aircraft refueling and crew members, and then control fuel filler pipe slowly, first in aircraft refueling vehicle fuel metering system off valve, thus avoiding "inertia refueling" phenomenon, to improve the accuracy of the amount of fuel. The oil in the civil aviation industry, first introduced special protection technology, won the national utility model patents.

This device is installed in the Pudong International Airport Aviation Oil Corporation each refueling pipe, once used to doing well. Last year, Pudong International Airport Aviation Oil Company for a total of 176,300 vehicles per year aircraft refueling, refueling capacity of 3,138,600 tons, second only to Beijing Capital International Airport. According to every sorties out of fuel saving 100 liters of inertia calculation, the cumulative saving 17 million liters of aviation kerosene.

"Civil aircraft in the air at every turn is hundreds of thousands of kilometers, and even thousands of kilometers, fuel consumption is amazing, accurate filling this service is very practical, greatly reducing production costs." An airline representative said.

Drink and have fun

June 06, 2013 | Author: admin |
Two drunk men at gas stations Shuajiu Feng, disregard of safety point fuel station Petrol dispenser, almost lead to disaster. The two men fled in trouble nearly a month after being arrested and brought to justice, the suspects have now been legally Detention.

Christmas Eve on December 24 last year, the same day 21 am, Baoan Public Security Bureau police station received a manhole station staff report said, it was lit with a lighter at a refueling vehicle is being refueled fuel tank and Petrol dispenser, the situation is very dangerous. Alarm, the police quickly arrived at the scene unfold exploration, the understanding, the night a red Toyota car into the gas station bit, man sitting in the passenger seat of the car off a request to add $ 200 oil, but another man with car requirements fill up, the two end dispute. Petrol station staff came forward to dissuade car found filled with an alcohol.

When the oil workers to quickly fill up the car, the passenger seat sat a man suddenly took out a lighter and the fuel tank is being refueled Petrol dispenser lit and trotted petrol stations ran outside watching. Happened suddenly, oil workers quickly Petrol dispenser drawn, the tank lid shut, put out the fire with a fire extinguisher and alarm. Unexpectedly, this man would end up back to the ignition attempted assault refueling petrol station staff, the latter in the same car discourage people quickly fled the scene.

City Public Security Police Detachment received a Petroleum Company Sinopec Shenzhen security department's report, immediately sent police investigation. January 8, the ignition man Wang arrest. After appearing in court, Wang confessed that time because of excessive drinking, for staff to discourage not convinced, for fun and lit the gas station Petrol dispenser own car tank.

Currently, Wang arrested for the crime of endangering public safety by the police under criminal detention, the case is still

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