Fuel dispenser designand technology innovation

June 29, 2013 | Author: admin

Sanki fuel dispenser  offers robust and easy feeding in a compact design. This is a great economical choice for sites selling classic and places large volume such as airports, ports and truck stops. And its newly enhanced, attractive bezel and clean, modern lines make the World century an attractive addition to any court.

Friendly design The fuel distributor Vista available in China is designed and built to the same standards as other Vista Sanki dispensers.Manufactured in the center of Shanghai Sanki, the fuel dispenser Vista offers a smart and aesthetic simplified help attract retail customers to your site.

marketing capabilities Withsophisticated friendly and customer-driven design, lovation Fuel dispenser introduced a new retail paradigmto supplies. Featuring a graphic display media, it allows datteindre retail customers through a compelling format. Imagine the promotion of coffee in the morning and articles of food in the afternoon to help encourage consumers from the esplanade in the store. The Global Ovation iX dispenser also offers innovative technology for exceptional maneuverability. In addition, compatibility with European standards for safety of payment is the world Ovation iX dispenser over new generation of the European market to the court.

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