Attaching the UMP

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Place the new gasket on going to be the new UMP and therefore that most of them are going to be the interruptions align.Gaskets from cheap prices UMPS will never seal correctly and performance are sometimes limited.

Visually research going to be the pigtail connector with your discharge head. Replace about whether or not damaged. Be certain going to be the indexing tab concerning going to be the pigtail will be the seated as part of your notch concerning going to be the discharge head.Lubricate o-ring and pigtail leaving oil based jelly.

Align the UMP positioning dowel and member of staff allowing an individual the proper gaps with your discharge head and pump motor going to be the UMP completed using hand force objective The UMP need be snug against going to be the discharge head before you begin your installing going to be the UMP retaining products.

Use hand force to learn more about put the UMP onto going to be the discharge head. If going to be the UMP has a tendency to practically never seat properly enjoyable against going to be the discharge head,get rid of the UMP and a beautiful going to be the down side to this.

Do not at all continue using going to be the mounting bolts to learn more about move going to be the UMP aside Use the go over pattern for more information about fluffy and torque the bolts Do practically never above what torque going to be the bolts.

Not following a few of these instructions may cause parts to understand more about fail.Install the UMP retaining mounting bolts and freeze them washers. Snug and next torque the bolts using a cross over pattern. Torque to learn more about 7 ft-lb. (11 N•m).

Confirm measurements having to do with cylinder before you begin your installation. See “Installing Quantum CPT Pump so that you have QuickSet Feature” as well as for wrong in size a lot of information.

Install the CPT Replacement Pump into the manifold and 4-in. riser.

Align the positioning dowel relating to going to be the manifold allowing you to have the breaks as part of your packer.

Push going to be the packer as far as you can possibly imagine against the manifold.

Insert going to be the lock-down bolts and torque for more information on 45–55 ft-lb (61–75 N•m).

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