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CPT system has three main components:a controller,a pump, and a pressure transducer and intrinsic safety barrier kit.
The CPT Controller is a metal enclosure that houses a three-board assembly: the Inverter board, the Capacitor board, and the Processor board. (See the “CPT Controller Manual”for details.)
The CPT submersible pump has a 2-hp motor with a two-stage pump end. The motor has ports that allow more flow through the internal components for cooling. The maximum pressure is 45 psi.
Pressure Transducer and Intrinsic Safety Barrier Kit
The pressure transducer consists of a 0–50 psig pressure transducer VDC output. This is the same transducer as used in other Red Jacket line-leak detection systems. The Intrinsic Safety (I.S.) Barrier can be installed in a single wiring configuration.
I.S. Barrier in the Conduit Box. For systems that have the pump power wiring and transducer wiring in the same conduit, a barrier must be installed in the conduit box of the submersible pump. This barrier is assembled in a 2 1/4-in. conduit box plug.See the “CPT Controller Manual” for instructions on installing the intrinsic safety barrier kit.
Quick-Set Feature
The Quick-Set feature comes in three basic sizes: QS1, QS2, and QS3. The lengths
(compressed to extended) for the CPT pump are:
QS1 — 74.0 to 104.5 inches (1882 to 2653 mm)
QS2 — 104.0 to 164.5 inches (2644 to 4177 mm)
QS3 — 164.0 to 224.5 inches (4168 to 5701 mm)
The above dimensions are measured from the bottom of the pump to the top of the Pressurstat.

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