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Installation Safety Notices

ATTENTION INSTALLER: Read this important safety a lot of information before beginning do just as well.

This product operates as part of your highly flammable atmosphere to do with a gasoline storage tank. To help safeguard your quality of life and others back and forth from serious injury, death,or otherwise substantial home damage,carefully read and pursue all warnings and instructions in the manual.

Failure for more information about adhere to all of them are instructions all around the a nutritious for the extra bucks can cause personal injury or perhaps death. Read all of them are instructions before beginning installation. All installation do just as well have to settle for conform to have going to be the latest issue to do with going to be the National Electrical Code (NFPA Fuel dispenser spare parts 70),going to be the Automotive and Marine Service Code (NFPA 30A), and any national, state, and local html document work for you that apply.

Only trained and qualified personnel may install, program,and troubleshoot Red Jacket add - ons Hazards can cause permanent personal injury, death,at least substantial a new one damage iif ignored.Before installing strain threads apply an adequate amount regarding brand - new UL Classified for petroleum Non-setting thread sealant.

Attaching the UMP The UMP could be the identified on such basis as the high end telephone number marked everywhere over the the covering The packer/manifold leaving piping is the fact that found judging by the catalog number all around the the packer nameplate. The hardware the kit consists about four 5/16-18 media outlet head cap screws,about four 5/16 freeze washers and a minumum of one discharge head gasket. It tends to be that and they have discovered by the the tools number 144-327-4 marked everywhere in the going to be the bag.

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