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October 02, 2013 | Author: admin

A recent interview with Susan Shifflett , Marketing Coordinator Railroad Commission , with winter bills, membership management CNG freedom and John Athon , director of business development.
"My father always said to lead by example ," said Bill Winters, a member of management for CNG freedom and to lead by example is exactly what CNG freedom and NOVUS Wood Group do. With 28 years of experience in the management of solid waste and recycling timber NOVUS Wood Group has seventeen vehicles in the Houston metro area . In 2008, Novus has started looking for a substitute fuel dispenser for derived locally that would power a range of categories of trucks. The sharp diesel fuel above $ 4.00 per gallon in 2008 and many freight companies were struggling to survive. Use a clean local resources such as natural gas creates local jobs and reduce air emissions . "I would say that the air cleaner is a high priority in Houston today and compressed natural gas (CNG) help us get there ," says Winters. Reducing our dependence on foreign oil and recycling our dollars in local economy are good things for Texas and America. in 2011, Novus built his first ten public CNG stations in Houston Metro Area refueling . currently , NOVUS Wood Group operates two Freightliner Business powered by 8.9 liter Cummins Westport - natural gas engines and three fuel management system Chevrolet vans upfitted by Parkway Chevrolet .
NOVUS is also interested in the new Cummins Westport - 12 engine that will enter the market later this year to power its tractors over-the -road . To meet the supply needs NOVUS Wood Group , CNG freedom to build a public website 24 hours without refueling pilot located 6002 Debbie Lou Gardens Drive , just north of I- 45 on the south side of the Sam Houston Toll Road. The first - place South Houston is located at the mouth of a large transfer station for solid waste and is adjacent to a landfill demolition site. John Athon , Business Development Manager for CNG of Liberty says "The majority of garbage trucks in the region go through our everyday situation . Moreover, we are surrounded by concrete plants, another interesting application for CNG . Not to mention, we are across the road from Ellington Air Field and less than ten minutes from Houston Hobby airport. " station uses a set of equipment for a manufacturer in the United States, ANGI energy Systems . Both sites supply acres includes a 250 horsepower Ariel compressor, dryer, and the fuel dispensers unit with high throughput and a nozzle of low flow . A tank gauge 21 gallons fill about 5-7 minutes and 80 gallons professional truck fill approximately thirteen minutes. This well-lit station , truck -friendly CNG sells for $ 2.25 per gallon of gasoline equivalent . The card reader accepts all major credit cards except most major fleet cards including Wright Express Fuel Man , and American Express and Voyager . Athon notes " Currently , we have several fleets using the site with different types of vehicles including pickups , vans, service, roll-off garbage trucks , dump trucks and even trailers. The amount of the adoption of the fleet in the region will lead the expansion of our first station and the future development of our company. "
CNG freedom is working with Houston Distribution Company ( HDC ) to a second station in northwest Houston, northeast corner of Highway 249 and the Sam Houston Toll Road . With a completion date in November 2013 , this site will have three times the capacity of fuel dispensing station with the first two (2) 250 ANGI compressors and power of three ( 3) distributors each with two nozzles . The refueling capability is 1,300 Gallons Gasoline Time (EMG / HR) with the possibility to extend to 2000 EMG / HR with the addition of a third compressor. HDC has more than 310 vehicles in its fleet and several fleets of third expressed interest in using the facility . Winters said: " This is not like putting in a Starbucks. The site must meet a number of specific requirements and user anchor fleet is imperative. We will not just put in a station so that we can have a point on the map . The rate of adoption of the CNG fleet is the most important for the development of refueling infrastructure parameter. " CNG freedom and NOVUS Wood Group are certainly lead by example . Not only do they speak the word, they walk the walk . NMC freedom plans to open 10-15 public gas stations located throughout the Houston metropolitan area as well as fleets can easily refuel throughout Houston Winters said . " it usually takes about ten years to become an overnight success ." Looks like something Yogi Berra would say .

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