Attaching the UMP

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Place the new gasket on going to be the new UMP and therefore that most of them are going to be the interruptions align.Gaskets from cheap prices UMPS will never seal correctly and performance are sometimes limited.

Visually research going to be the pigtail connector with your discharge head. Replace about whether or not damaged. Be certain going to be the indexing tab concerning going to be the pigtail will be the seated as part of your notch concerning going to be the discharge head.Lubricate o-ring and pigtail leaving oil based jelly. (more...)

The successful test of petrol filling stations in the simulated space robot

April 09, 2013 | Author: admin |

Even the nearest gas station from the satellite has 22,000 miles, and therefore, once the fuel is exhausted, the satellite will undoubtedly become space junk, to threaten the safety of other satellites and spacecraft.

But the international space station to begin the test space robot gas station this week has made a great leap forward progress, successful robotic manipulator as an analog satellite refueling.

According to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), said, "Dexter" arm robot built by the Canadian Space Agency, and is currently parked in the the international country between station to complete the the satellite model tank fuel supplement that the satellite life can continue.

Cabin operation of robotic refueling mission "(RRM)," Dexter "First, the fixed wire safety cover is removed again transporting liquid ethanol satellite model, similar to the physical model of the fuel tank the size of a washing machine.

CSA-NASA success in the field for the first time, this progress is likely to help reduce dead satellites is increasing and the number of orbiting space junk.

CSA said in a press release: "The ability to successfully refuel satellites in space, which means maybe someday satellite operator will save to build and launch a new alternative to satellite and need to spend huge expenditure."

"There are more than 1100 pieces of active satellites are in the near-Earth environment running many of satellites worth hundreds of millions of dollars, in addition to the 2500 failure of the satellite is still in operation around the earth if you can re-use of these failure satellites, it will save huge amounts of cost. "

Talking about space junk, the U.S. Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) also released a new video, tells a different way to solve this problem.

"Phoenix Project" U.S. Department of Defense began in July last year, proposed to manufacture small robot recycling dead satellites, to dismantling its available parts. Recycling dead satellites may be bundled with commercial satellite launch.

We will look forward to DARPA's first satellite recovery test, expected in 2015

Robots private automatic oiler

January 23, 2013 | Author: admin |

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Robot automatic oiler .bfdzok Canada ATSMini-Luber robots private automatic oiler (volume 125ml). To ensure that the robotic equipment is in a good state of lubrication, 365 days a year, every second robot bearings, gears, rack, linear guides, ball screws and other components can be thought to provide fresh lubricant. Mini-Luber private automatic greasing robot can also be used in all places need lubrication ports, wind turbines, steel plants, water plants, automobile factories, petrochemical industry, food industry, coal, cement, machinery processing. Normal work at minus 40 ° C low temperature environment, and thus the use of the special needs of low-temperature occasions. Canada ATSMini-Luber robots to automatically grease device has the following features a microcomputer control, DIP switch is set to automatic, 1,2,3,6,12 months uniform, punctual, accurate injection equipment needed each day lubricant. 2, microcomputer has immediately start, no start-up delay time. 3, active controlled lubrication management, substantial savings in the cost of equipment maintenance. 4, to avoid the overflow pollution or oil off the troubles. 5, we can maintain a continuous supply of new oil lubricated surface. The necessary parking at any time can be continued. 7, unique design, explosion-proof security, installation flexibility and easy, without direction, location restrictions. 8, wide temperature range, at minus 40 ° C low temperature environment to work properly. The stay tuned north large positive Pulsarlube of ATS (ATS Electro-LubeInternational Inc.) Products, Pulsarlube-American automatic oiler ① PulsarlubeMSP automatic greasing device (MSP125 MSP250MSP500) ② PulsarlubeMS automatic lubrication (MS125 MS250MS500) of ③ PulsarlubeEX automatic lubrication the pump (EX125 EX250) ④ PulsarlubeC single point lubricators (KLT100 KLT200) the ⑤ PulsarlubeOL500 automatic oiler ⑥ Pa Ersa automatically Note grease device-M (KLT125 KLT250) ⑦ electrochemical automatic single point lubricator-Pulsarlube C (KLT100 KLT200) ⑧ Pa Ersa automatic oiling device ML500 (Pulsarlube ML500) ⑨ Variable Automatic Note lipid control (KLT500KLT1000) ⑩ KLT1500 automatic oiler [spring-] (Pulsarlube S) 2, the ATS (the ATS Electro-Lube InternationalInc.) - Canada automatic oiling device ① Micro-Luber ③ The Budget-Luber automatic oiling device (60ml) 2 Mini-Luber mini lubricating cup (125ml) automatically Note lipid control (250ml) ④ Jumbo-Luber automatic lubrication pump (475ml) ⑤ MD125 electronic automatic oiling device (125ml) ⑥ MD250 electronic automatic oiling device (250ml) the ⑦ MD500 automatic oil pump (500ml) ⑧ automatic lubricators ⑨ of ULT125 electronic ULT250 electric oiler ⑩ ULT500 electric lubrication pump

Food Trays Crawler bush Fatliquoring machine_0

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crawler bush fatliquoring crawler sleeve quantitative fatliquoring pipeline is controlled by the PLC, all digital display, easy to adjust, accurate, and is provided with pressure protection device. The user can easily set from 5 g to 10 kg greasing panel. The crawler pin quantitative greasing the machine work, just to have the track pin bushings placed on the feed chute, the machine automatically take crawler pin bushing and pin bushings are assembled together, and then the track pin injecting a set amount of grease in the gap between the shaft and sleeve. The pipeline for construction machinery enterprises in the production of the crawler (such as bulldozers, excavators, crawler) to the the crawler pin and sleeve between quantitative filling grease. Track pin automatically fatliquoring main performance parameters: Power:-380v 1.5Kw gas source pressure: 0.6Mpa working the beat: 11S

stay tuned Electrical Other products: 350KM EMU bearing quantitative greasing machines subway cars bearing quantitative greasing machine railway bearing quantitative greasing hydraulic buffer hinge damper tanker the damping oil tanker rail the damping oil tanker electric the lubricating oil tanker the thin oil tanker jack tanker buffer tanker gas spring tanker the electric drill quantitative greasing machine electric barrel pump - electric grease pump - electric plug barrel pump bearings Note grease machine bearings quantitative the oiling machine railway wagons bearing quantitative greasing machine - three-point greasing machine (3522226X2-2RZ, 197726TN) butter bomb / the grease bomb / fat bullets grease filling machine Railway Bearing quantitative oiling machine trace liquid filling machine trace filling machine automobile assembly quantitative fatliquoring butter filling machine car wheels quantitative greasing machine conveyor idler set greasing machine motor bearing quantitative Note Grease machines bearing quantitative fatliquoring the textile machinery quantitative fatliquoring machine coal washing automatic electronic drain valve grease gun the large bearings quantitative fatliquoring machine bearings quantitative the fat injection machine bearings quantitative oiling machine handling the small tanks railway bearing quantitative greasing machine electric tool for quantitative Greasing electromechanical drill quantitative greasing machine automotive bearings greasing machine the automatic drainage automobile axles quantitative the fatliquoring machine the damping oil tanker AD402 SL00 automatic oiler SL01 butter filling machine automatic oiler butter points installed air compressor filling machine empty Press quantitative tanker the Hardware Tools quantitative fatliquoring hardware tools fatliquoring machine reducer quantitative the fatliquoring machine the damping oil tanker SL14 Martini sewing machine the automatic oiler electric tools the fatliquoring machine deceleration machine quantitative tanker reducer quantitative the the tanker door closers quantitative the refueling floor spring quantitative tanker buffer quantitative tanker shock absorber quantitative tanker threshold quantitative the hydraulic buffers of the tanker gas spring quantitative tanker quantitative tanker Oilpump thin oil filling machine Quitelube automatic oiler is Simalube bearing automatic oiler SMD1 multi-point lubricators electric heavy oil electric pumping oil pump electric thin oil quantitative filling machine gearbox quantitative the fatliquoring machine QuieTek Run automatic oiler caterpillars the bread Biaohua machine crawler pin quantitative greasing machine trace the fatliquoring machine sanitary napkin automatic dosing machine liquid ratio of machine automatic dosing machine the damper tanker fountain solution ratio machine professional butter filling machine automatic injection the fat sales agent of imported products: 1, Japan SMC production AD402 automatic drain ; 2, produced in Switzerland simalube automatic oiler; 3. Switzerland Division Martek bearing heater. Switzerland bearing disassembly tool

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