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Installation Safety Notices

ATTENTION INSTALLER: Read this important safety a lot of information before beginning do just as well.

This product operates as part of your highly flammable atmosphere to do with a gasoline storage tank. To help safeguard your quality of life and others back and forth from serious injury, death,or otherwise substantial home damage,carefully read and pursue all warnings and instructions in the manual. (more...)

CPT PUMP TYPES – fuel dispenser blog

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CPT completely submersible penis pumps are not only found UL listed (Class 1, Group D appearance not only that but came up with to receive well suited allowing you to have 100% gasoline,or at least diesel engine developed 80% gasoline so that you have 20% methanol, ethanol, TAME, ETBE or at least MTBE. All UMPs getting the name brand numbers as an example the AG procedure are not only seen came up with to get compatible providing some one 100% gasoline, (more...)

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