why is fuel delivery low?

Possible Faults Sources:


a.       Bottom valve or sieve of pump is clogged


b.       Oil level is too low, and the resistance is too high


c.        Oil temperature is high, pipeline is buried too superficially, or the fuel dispenser and pipeline are subjected to vertical incident solar rays


d.       Passage from the delivery port of the pump to the nozzle is clogged; for example, the nozzle filter is dirty or is stuck, or the solenoid valve is not fully opened


e.       Regulation pressure of pump overflow valve is too low


f.         Incoming air


Recommended Solutions:


a.       Remove and clean it


b.       Raise the oil level


c.        Improve the pipeline system of gas station


d.       Wash away the foreign substances or replace relevant parts


e.       Set the pump overflow valve pressure to a higher value


f.         Check the pump, pipeline and connections for leak