What is the reason for flow rate sometimes high and sometimes low?


Possible Faults Sources:


a.       Open the triangular connecting flange; the cause lies in air leak in bottom valve or pipeline if the pipeline liquid level drops


b.       In-tank oil level is too low, and the pump takes in plenty of gas when the level is even with the bottom valve


c.        Core of the bottom valve works dully


d.       Oil level is too low, and suction-lift resistance is high, resulting in difficulty in oil taking


e.       Oil temperature is too high since pipeline is buried too superficially, or the fuel dispenser and pipeline are subjected to vertical incident      solar rays


f.         Bow-shaped pipeline


Recommended Solutions:


a.       Check the bottom valve or pipeline, and conduct maintenance or replacement


b.       Raise the oil level


c.        Remove and clean or maintain it


d.       Raise the oil level


e.       Improve the pipeline system of oil station


f.         Improve the pipeline system of gas station