Why is the oil drained out of the vent hole?

 Possible Faults Sources:


a.      Oil temperature is too high since pipeline is buried too superficially, or the fuel dispenser and pipeline are subjected to vertical incident solar rays, such that oil drain may take place when the liquid oil inside the pipeline is swollen


b.      Oil drain may take place in the infrequently-used pump if 2 pumps share 1 fuel delivery pipe


c.       Fueling is not conducted in scores of times, or fueling is not conducted with the dispenser turned on for a long period of time


d.      Air leaks from pipeline


e.     Pump float is stuck in the OFF position, and the normal pressure chamber fails to return fuel  



Recommended Solutions:


a.       Improve the pipeline system of oil station


b.       Improve the pipeline system of gas station.


c.        Perform operation strictly as per the operating instruction manual


d.       Maintain the pipeline


e.       Maintain or replace the float