Why doesn’t the fuel dispenser delivery oil while there is no fuel inside the filter and the vent-pipe venting is normal?

Possible Faults Sources:


a. Suction lift of pump is exceeded


b. Air enters from the pump-bellows connection


c. Air enters from the pipeline between fuel dispenser and tank


d. Bottom valve is stuck and fuel incoming cannot be implemented


e. Oil level is too low, and the resistance is high


f. Bottom valve is subjected to leakage, and the dry-state negative pressure of pump is low


g. V-belt skids



Recommended Solutions:


a. Check whether the vertical distance from fuel dispenser to tank is less than 5m or not


b. Check whether the connection is sealed properly or not


c. Overhaul the pipeline


d. Clean or replace the bottom valve


e. Raise the oil level


f. Remove the top cover of filter, add (1-2) liter(s) of oil into the filter, and turn anticlockwise the belt wheel


g. Adjust or replace the V-belt