Pleasant Hill Looking to Fix Gas Station Traffic Nightmare on Contra Costa Blvd

 With Nordstrom Rack opening later this year, the City of Pleasant Hill has been working with Safeway and the shopping center owner on potential solutions to ongoing problems with traffic and queuing at the gas station on Contra Costa Boulevard, according to Pleasant Hill City Manager June Catalano.

Pleasant Hill City Staff met last week with Safeway representatives and the General Manager for Sunvalley Mall to further discuss the problem. Safeway representatives agreed that a modification is needed and presented conceptual plans to increase the number of fuel dispensers and change the access traffic pattern away from the new Nordstrom Rack frontage and along and parallel to Contra Costa Boulevard.
This would require the reconfiguration of the parking lot in front of Safeway. More defined plans are to be forthcoming for staff’s review in the next few weeks, according to Catalano. All parties agreed that the changes are necessary and should be scheduled/incorporated prior to the opening of the Nordstrom Rack.
Some interim on-site striping and circulation improvements were also discussed, as a short-term measure, to minimize the vehicular conflicts and movements that the gas station is creating during high demand periods.