ATLAS OIL COMPANY Selects InovationTV Media Platform For Its Corporate And Dealer Base

 Gas Station TV (GSTV), America’s #1 video network at the pump, and Wayne, a GE Energy Business and global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, are pleased to announce that, Atlas Oil Company has signed an agreement whereby the national fuel supply and distribution company will rollout the inOvationTV media platform (iOTV) to its dealer base.

With the inOvationTV Wholesaler Partner Program agreement, approximately 50 Atlas sites across Chicago and Indianapolis have been earmarked for inOvationTV installation, with further expansion plans in the works. All participating stations will have their Ovation dispensers retro-fitted on-site with the turnkey forecourt media program, fully funded by inOvationTV.

Atlas sites already installed with iOTV have reported positive customer feedback and measurable sales lift – prompting the company to expand the availability of inOvationTV across its dealer base.
“Based upon the strong results achieved through our initial inOvationTV stations in Chicago, Atlas is extremely confident that extending the program to our dealers throughout the market, and in Indianapolis will net significant impact,” explained William Shaver, executive vice president of retail, Atlas Oil Company.

“Not only did inOvationTV provide immediate impact on the customer experience, it helped drive significant lift in our promotional sales,” added John LeBlanc, director of stores and training, Atlas Oil Company. “In the locations carrying iOTV and our related promotional spots, pizza sales increased 25 percent, breakfast sandwich sales were up 60 percent, and energy drink sales rose 50 percent.”

The lift results at the Atlas stations are consistent with the performance indicators tied to inOvationTV around the country. “We’re very pleased with the positive impact we had on Atlas’ business performance,” said David Leider, CEO, GSTV. “The results coming out of the Atlas in Chicago mirror the customer satisfaction and sales results we’ve documented with other wholesale and retail partners.”
The inOvationTV Wholesaler Partner Program through which Atlas will offer the media platform is designed to make it easier for fuel dispenser suppliers to extend their services and leverage iOTV as a simple, cost -effective added-value solution for their customers.
In addition to the benefits to the wholesaler, the inOvationTV Wholesaler Partner Program also enables significant benefits for the wholesaler’s customers. For their dealers, the free program includes:

$25,000 (average per-station value) Capex retrofit · Six-year full service and maintenance warranty from Wayne · GSTV’s exclusive broadcast-level media content · Customized promotional ads for their station and products
“Adoption of inOvationTV among oil companies and individual gas retailers has grown steadily since we launched the program in 2011, continued Leider. “Now, with the inOvationTV Wholesaler Partner Program, we anticipate our growth rate to quicken substantially, rapidly increasing our market and retailer penetration.”