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Why Us

Why Choose Us?

Technical Strength

Beijing Sanki has extensive international technical exchange and cooperation , and has established long-term technical partnerships with major Japanese and European businesses. It also takes an active part in international business expos to keep firm hold on the forefront industrial techniques and maintain the innovative capability of the company.

Industry position

Beijing Sanki is a leading fuel dispensing equipment manufacturer in China.

Sanki leads the industrial technical progress with science and technology.Sanki participates in drafting China’s national standards for fuel dispensers, like new measurement regulations and new explosion protection regulations. It also participates in drafting the technical standards of Sinopec and PetroChina for IC card fuel dispensers, self-service fuel dispensers and vapor recovery dispensers.

R&D strength

With half-hundreds of engineers and technical experts, sanki always keeps fresh R&D ability.

Leading R&D ability in Fuel Management system

Leading R&D ability in Tank gauge

Leading R&D ability in Electronic system

Leading R&D ability in core mechanical parts of fuel dispenser

Leading petroleum equipment solution

Beijing Sanki is the first company in China to build the first bank card paid self-service fuel dispensers, the first 800L ultrahigh flow dispenser and the first intelligent water-refill-flush-dust removal device. Beijing Sanki owns a variety of industrial technical patents and proprietary solutions.

Environmental protection missions

Beijing Sanki advocates environmental protection. It is the main equipment supplier of vapor recovery environmental projects for both the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and Expo 2010 Shanghai.

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