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Jobs & Career

Overseas Sales Manager

Position Responsibilities:
1. Revenue achievement that meets or exceeds plan and quotas.
2. Market analysis and product positioning of related market.
3. Business development to build relationship with customers and partners of related market.
4. Responsible for following up the project bidding of regional market.
5. Effective strategic growth decisions as a result of business intelligence developed by Sales Excellence.

Job requirement:
1. Bachelor degree of above. Fluent oral English and other languages, e.g. Spanish, Arabic, Russian, French or German.
2. Professional sales skills with more than 3 years working experience.
3. Has a strong sense of responsibility.
4. Good communication skills and coordination ability.
5. Rich working experience in project management.

Key Account Manager

Position Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the regional market research and analysis;
2. Responsible for finding the appropriate international and regional major customers;
3. Design target customer development plans, organize visiting activities;
4. Responsible for key customer bidding, product technology finalization and certification work;
5. Responsible for the development of local key customers and building good relationship with them to generate sales of corresponding sales area;
6. Responsible for the maintenance and service of key customers, requiring good cooperation with customers;
7. Conduct key customer relationship management, and collect their needs and requirements for Sanki products. To ensure key customers satisfaction with providing timely and effective high-quality services for them.

Job requirement:
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Fluent English and/or Spanish or Arabic, or Russian, or French or German;
3. Professional sales skills with more than 3 years working experience;
4. Strong business sense and ownership;
5. People person, and team player; 6. Project management skills is a plus.


Contact us: hr@sanki.com.cn

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