Biofuel Fuel Dispenser Unveiled For The Olympics


                                                   Fuel dispenser--Wayne

It is announced  that its new Wayne Helix fuel dispenser will be the official dispensing equipment for BP. It will be “Fuelling the Future” Showcase in London during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
The station of the future will demand increasing levels of bio components blended into conventional fossil fuels such as gas and diesel. A wide range of biofuel blends and that also are safe, secure and easy to operate is demand by the market. As such, fuel suppliers will need dispensers that have been tested and certified, and that could handle the rigor and demands.
BP are providing advanced fuels for many of the fleet of over 5,000 vehicles. So Wayne’s Helix is selected to fufil the target.
Wayne have been providing equipment and payment solutions to BP affiliates in the U.S., Europe, Turkey and South Africa for 30 years. Wayne designed for BP  and build a fuel dispenser that could showcase BP’s product from both a fueling and payment perspective.
Helix fuel dispenser is developed based on research and feedback from distributors, retailers,  and builted on worldwide design recognition and a reliable fueling experience, which have been ATEX and UL approved from the exproof perspective and have been ertified to PCI and EMV payment-security standards as per the payment-security function. Helix expanded with additional features such as enhanced displays with high-contrast, ergonomic design as well as expanded branding and signage areas visible from multiple angles answer the marketing needs of fueling stations.