Energy-efficient “twin” petrol stations

 The “first-of-its-kind” side-by-side stations are Petronas Solaris Putra along Lebuhraya PLUS and Petronas Solaris Serdang along Lebuhraya Besraya.

This new breed of petrol stations offer customers the convenience of a rest stop for their travelling needs with different services and experiences.

There are four energy-efficient characteristics which separates these two stations from the regular stations, specifically, their having solar photovoltaic panel, light-emitting diode (LED) lights, rain water harvesting, and nitrogen tyre-inflator.

The solar photovoltaic panel has the capacity to generate around 200KW of electricity per hour. This power source is equivalent to the energy needed to supply 90 households a year. With this innovative move, the station can reduce greenhouse emissions by approximately 138 tons of carbon dioxide annually.
AKBAR MD THAYOOB: “Twin stations a place for people to hang-out and chill out”
The two station’s lighting installation reduces electricity expenditure while providing better lighting illumination to the area. Also, the LED lights are regulated by an energy fuel management system which controls and manages the air-conditioning temperature at the station to provide a comfortable environment for customers.
As part of PDB’s water conservation efforts, the rain water harvesting system was built to prevent water being wasted. The station stores approximately 82,500 litres of water to be recycled and use only for cleaning, watering plants, and lavatory flushing.

The nitrogen tyre-inflator is an environmentally-friendlier alternative that assists in enhancing fuel economy and tyre life.

Other than being part of the global movement in conserving the environment, PDB also personalised the twin stations to be strategic meeting points and hangout location.

Towards this, an event called Solaris Skool of Rock was held at the Solaris Stage location between the two stations last Friday evening.
BALARAJAN: Played guitar and sang nine songs

“A place like this is what we believe can be turned into a meeting point. It’s a place where people can come together to meet, hang-out, and chill out. This is basically like a Petronas rest and recreation and it’s part of our challenge to see things differently,” said PDB retail business division senior general manager Akbar Md Thayoob.

The 70-minute Solaris Skool of Rock kicked off at 8.45pm with local two member group Sound Syndicate performing five songs in Malay and English before a small but appreciative crowd of travellers who had stopped at the twin stations for a respite.

They were followed by local artiste Balarajan who, strumming a guitar, dished out nine songs mainly from the 1980s and 1990s, also in Malay and English.

“All along, Petronas has been challenging ourselves to have a one-stop station for the convenience of our customers and with these twin stations which are strategically located, we have provided a hundred parking bays for customers to park and enjoy our offerings,” Akbar also said.