England Faulty petrol pumps dispensing extra fuel free to drivers, AA finds

'Lucky dip' at petrol pumps giving some drivers up to 4.4% more petrol than they pay for, says motoring organisation.
Some petrol pumps are giving up to 4.4%, or an extra 6p per litre, of fuel than drivers are paying for, the AA says.
Petrol pumps are so inaccurate that some drivers are getting up to 4.4% more fuel than they pay for, the AA has found.The motoring organisation said the discrepancies, which can amount to an extra 6p-per-litre, came to light after its members suspected they were not getting enough petrol for their money. Subsequent research found that in fact pumps were more likely to be generous.
Trading Standards officers had reported discrepancies at four of 38 sites in Cumbria and at 11 of 216 nozzles in Derby, the AA said. In Newport in South Wales, just two of 353 nozzles failed – one giving more fuel than indicated.It added that an EU ruling forcing retailers to upgrade equipment to meet the Measuring Instruments Directive, set to come into force by October 2016, had created an incompatibility problem for forecourts, which often contain a mixture of ageing and newer pumps.
The AA president, Edmund King, said: "Not only did all the pumps dispense at least the right amount, but most gave even more. Some drivers have been benefiting from a lucky dip at the pumps, getting more fuel than they pay for."