International divers market make SANKI focus on cutomized demands

The good after service and customized design is our focus on the international market. Over the past 10years, international market is more complex than national market. In China, as though SINOPE and PECHOCHINA, they are demand hi-quality, their standard are fixed over so many years experience. The technology in China can not fully applied in the international market. As each country have their special locally requirement for fuel dispenser standards and functions as well.

In Europe, the market demand not only hi-quality, but need the ATEX certificate as safety guarantee. It also demand the electronic system should cooperate in harmony with the mechanical system, not only well but precisely control it. In South Asia, many country have their own standards, but these standards are fundamentally based on international standards, like OIML for metrology and ATEX, UL, IECEX for ex-proof safety. Some country, like Sri Lanka, their own standards are more strict than international standards, which decided by their customer. Most people are fueling only 1 or 2 liters for their own motor use. So they decide more accuracy for the meters. In Africa, most of country do not have their own standards, but they will refer to the Europe and American standards.In Africa, most distributor are tend to buy from China, they see the Chinese brand are quality good enough, and price is more competitive. The market in Africa are expanding fastly each year.They are becoming interest in the integrated solution for the gas station or stations network. They show interest for ATG and FMS, they could find any solution needed from SANKI. SANKI improve its technology by more R&D invest and more product portfolio during these years. The electronic system are updating very fast to compete with word standards which make our programming and control system are more optimized and stable. That is the reason why our distributors and customers are trust SANKI and growing with SANKI support.