Fuel dispenser history in China

Fuel dispensing equipment is appeared along with the development of automobile industry and transportation.The first fuel dispenser in the world began at the early twentieth century and it has been made great development over the past centuries.It was developed from mechanical pump to the modern high performance electronic equipment with multi-functions.

With the progress of technology of manufacturing, hydraulic components has made great development, measurement system has been improved, noise decreased , function is strengthened, being more environmental protection.With the rapid development of electronic science and technology,the modern fuel dispenser is used computer control technology with electrotonic display and IC card payment for optional. Tank monitoring and oil-gas recollection technology is widely used. Then alarming and servicing equipment is developed accordingly.

It was until sixties of the 19th century that fuel dispenser R&D and manufacture started in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Qingdao,especially after the 1990 s, there are over 100 fuel dispenser manufacture in China.But only 40 of them ate the manufacturing conformity certificates. It only narrowed down to 10 in the begin of 2000.

In the late of eighties of 19th centaury, the electronic control fuel dispenser initiated to be developed in China and it gradually replaced the mechanical pump in nineties. with the appearance of the electronic dispenser, the preset and recording and other functions are widely expanded.In the middle of nineties, OIML R118 was brought into China by the national quality technology supervision bureau.

In1998,GB/T9081-1998 fuel dispenser national standards , and JJG443-1998 testing regulations was newly declared by the Chinese government, and GB/T9081-2001 was implemented after revising at 2001. The accuracy of fuel dispenser is regulated as ±0.3% .

To compare with the world standards, many endeavors to improve the accuracy was made continuously. The aviation hydraulic control technology was adopted and applied in the design of fuel dispenser and the accuracy of flow meter was greatly improved. It was improved to be used in wide range of temperature, pollution environment with the ability to anti-interference.