It is the new upgraded containerized tank developed by SANKI. It can be transported and relocated easily with fuel dispenser integrated inside, flow rate is for your optional.

The tank is featured with double wall tank which ensure the safety. The internal wall is used for oil storage, and the outer wall is used for protection and leakage prevention.

Tank level gauge is specially designed for this mobile fuel station, used to measure the height of oil level and water level, detect the temperature and check oil leakage.

The dispenser is featured by Color screen display----- display the real-time data, monitoring the tank information by asynchronous half duplex communication mode.

The container of the mobile fuel station only can be transported under empty. It is prohibited that there are oil in the container when transported.

As shown in the picture, ratchet wheel reel installed for easily operation, the pipe can be stretched up to 10 meters as needed.

Separate oil unloading pump for optional, with additional spare unloading pipe.