Oil production rises for Exxon, Conoco in first-quarter

Quarterly results from Exxon Mobil Corp and ConocoPhillips on Thursday showed that while overall growth remained elusive, output rose in key basins in the United States where the oil and gas companies are spending heavily to grow crude production.

North American shale basins and the Gulf of Mexico are seen as more secure places for energy companies to invest because they typically offer a steady source of growth. Conoco said in December that more than half of its nearly $16 billion budget for 2013 will be spent in North America.

Exxon's U.S. oil and natural gas liquids production rose 2 percent in the first quarter, compared with an overall output decline of 3.5 percent,which could push gas station to supply more fuel dispenser for considerable profit.

"Lower production at Exxon is an ongoing trend, they need so many projects to come online to offset field decline," said Brian Youngberg, energy company analyst at Edward Jones. "But Conoco's shift toward the U.S. continues to proceed well."

Conoco said oil and gas production rose a combined 42 percent in the Bakken Shale in North Dakota and Texas' Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale. Conoco's total output from continuing operations edged 1 percent lower.

Fourth-largest U.S. oil company Occidental Petroleum Corp said its daily domestic oil and gas production rose to a record 478,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe), most of which was oil or natural gas liquids.