Pakistan Motorists form long queues at petrol pumps

Motorists faced hardships to get refuelled tanks as most of the filling stations in the provincial capital have refused to sell gasoline for more gains. Swirling the news of the hike of gasoline prices from September 1, 2012 has restricted the owners of countrywide filling stations from refilling tanks consequently led to the fuel scarcity like situation.

Long queues of vehicles were witnessed at various petrol pumps on Friday as filling stations in the city had shut off their dispensers on the pretext of non-availability of petrol. Filling stations located at different vicinities have virtually created gasoline shortage after receiving news regarding the prices of petrol and diesel would be increased from Rs 5 to 7 per litre from September 1, 2012.
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Motorists faced difficulties to get fuel as most of the filling stations were short of petrol stock as the owners said they are out of stock. Minor clashes were also witnessed at several petrol pumps where people castigated owners of the filling stations for creating an artificial shortage just to earn more profits. "Whenever petrol and diesel prices are increased, the petrol pumps owners do not take time to revise rates but adopt a different strategy and become deaf when the prices reduced," several agitated motorists said.

They said that pumps have stopped selling the commodity to force consumers to buy fuel at a much higher rate after revision of gasoline tariffs. They said that these tactics were only witnessed at the mid and end of almost every month and urged the authorities to deal station owners with iron hand to prevent such activities in the country especially in Karachi.