Maser Italia at 2014 Oil & nonoil-S & TC (Fuel Storage and Transportation), with Tatsuno dispensers and Fafnir tank gauging system

Oil & nonoil-S & TC (Fuel Storage and Transportation) is the exhibition dedicated to supply fuel to petrol stations, non-oil, alternative fuels, storage and transportation fuels.It is a specific, comprehensive event offering exhibitors and visitors an opportunity to do business and share ideas, know-how and valuable tools for analysis and interpretation of an industry that is rapidly evolving towards new business models.
Maser Italia main products include systems and automation solutions for petrol stations, fuel depots which with own vehicles fleet.
Maser Italia is a partner of Tatsuno Europe in Italy, and distributes the Tatsuno dispensers all over the Italian country. Maser Italia is also partner of Fafnir for tank gauging systems.
The exhibition “Oil&nonoil – S&TC (Fuel Storage & Transport)”had a really great success by both the number of visitors and the attention towards the products and solutions presented during the event.
Sales and installations are increasing, as customers like the equipment, which is demonstrating the high quality of products and good marketing strategy.