The USA Dept. of Weights and Measures releases annual gas station inspection results

The Department of Weights and Measures has released their annual gas pump inspection report, and Arizona residents have a reason to feel optimistic. Test results from the 2012 fiscal year have revealed an 86.6% compliance rate across the state.
Field investigators with the Department conducted 1,833 unannounced inspections statewide, which included tests of 25,599 nozzles.
Some of the infractions discovered during the inspections included 269 violations of “meter creep,” which is when the dispenser incurred charges without actually dispensing any gasoline.There were also 814 dispensers that were found to be giving away more fuel than was registered.
Of the 2,080 gas stations across the state of Arizona, the Department issued 398 stations a notice of violation in 2012. There was $272,900 worth of civil penalties issued for failing to meet proper fueling requirements.
“Arizona consumers buy more than 7.3 million gallons of gasoline each day,” said Kevin Tyne, Director of the Department of Weights and Measures. “Our responsibility is to ensure that consumers get what they pay for and that the gasoline industry remains vigilant in their effort to maintain properly calibrated gasoline dispensers.”