What IC card fuel management system do?

Customer is the most precious resource. All strategies and operation in the station are tried attract and lock more customers actually.
For the gas stations, if the price and quality of products are same between them, the service quality is the major factor that determines whether customers often come or not. Because of fierce competition and diverse demand, customers requirements are changing frequently, it is a challenging problem for managers to grasp customers’ need quickly and accurately.

Computerized managing technologies are effective in comprehensive and quantitative analysis of customers’ consuming habit and providing differential services for different customers. Therefore, the services will be improved and customers will be more pleased.

IC card fuel automation management system (FMS) is one effective solution for the problem.
For fixed customers,we offer are a kind of IC cards called “CPU card” which can the deposit money in cards , which is highly secure and can meet the demand of financial regulations. This card is also called “E wallet”. Customers can conveniently recharge once and use it many times.
IC card paying device can be added to regular dispensers, making it possible to refuel with IC cards directly. In Sanki dispensers, the mainboard, keypad board and power board need to be changed. In other brands, screens and even sensors need to be changed besides those parts mentioned above.

IC card management system not only provides customers with convenience, but also brings about huge commercial opportunities and excellent management performances for oil companies. Hereunder listed some advantages of IC card FMS system:
It increases prepayment for oil companies and prevent the financial risk and help increases cash circulation .
It help to lock-in customer.
It improves service capability, increases customer resources and enlarges market share.
It helps fleet customers fix the weak points in administration and draw more fleet customers.
Improve efficiency by saving up the time and no need giving back changes.
Save labor costs by self-service.