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Main Board
( Main board CPU; Control core; High performance )
The main board is mainly composed of a central processing unit (CPU), a memory, an input/output (I/O) interface circuit, and a logic drive circuit etc., connected to peripheral equipment via the interface circuit. For the design of the circuit board, many reliable designs and anti-interference designs are adopted to ensure reliable performance of the fuel dispenser for a long time.In the circuit design, many filtering components are used to ensure that the gas station can work normally for a long time in harsh environments.

The main board is the control core of the fuel dispenser, controlling all the functions of the fuel dispenser.Its working voltages are 5V and 12V DC power.Its output signals are motor and solenoid valve control signals, display signals, loudspeaker signals, etc.The program on the main board rectifies, computes, processes and saves various signals, produces various corresponding commands and control data;And sends these commands and control data to peripheral board circuits, so the fuel dispenser works according to designated requirements.


∗ CPU is very powerful.

∗ Many other powerful functions.

∗ Low power consumption

∗ High computing speed

∗ Strong function expansion

∗ System is very stable

∗ Multi-task can be handled at same time with high performance 


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