On 17thMay 2018, the extraordinarily UNITI expoisreaching to an end. It is estimated that the number of receipted audience is over 15,000 person time. With the benefit of various product series and moderndesign of exhibition platform, we have attracted 3,000 person time of visit and received positive feedbacks from both the organizer and the audience.


This is the first show for SANKI Group in professional exhibition of fuel station equipment in the Europe. All four series of fuel dispenser are the latest design by SANKI. The 56Plus and 65Plus are adopted with the latest modular design to meet the expansion requirement of clients



The SK56 fuel dispensers are equipped with the industrial-grade touch screen. It can be used as a multimedia information display screen for fuel stations, as a new profit growth point for fuel stations.


56 PRO

In this exhibition, SANKI has also demonstrated the latest SK52 new models. It’s simple and user-friendly design will surely become another choice for the economicdispenser model for many overseas markets.


SK 52

Besides, the exhibited SANKI fuel management system has also drawn a lot of attention from international customers. SANKI fuel management system can achieve efficient connection between fuel station equipment and control center. This allows station level, oil company level and national department level management. The fleet management system can achieve intelligent control for product oil transportation.Many clients from Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa, are strongly interested in cooperating with SANKI fuel management system.


SANKI Group, as the industry leading fuel station equipment supplier in China, demonstrating its comprehensive strength in Stuttgart UNITI expo is a milestone in SANKI’s path of international development. SANKI will continue to strive for innovation in the open mind, seeking out cooperationopportunities and do its best tobecome an excellent international brand.